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4 Week Summer Shred

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What is the ELC 4-Week Summer Shred?

Our 4-week Summer Shred is a 28 day plan designed to help you drop body fat while enjoying delicious, balanced meals! You get to choose between our great-tasting, organic ELC “The Best Whey” protein or our amazing “Elite Vegan Super Shake”- for breakfast. And for lunch and dinner, you get to choose your favorites from our Signature Menu! Want more? We’ll deliver right to your door on a weekly basis!


Women’s 4- Week Summer Shred Plan

Men’s 4 Week Summer Shred Plan

What will I recieve?

  • 14 Meals Delivered Weekly
  • 30-Day Supply of our delicious,
    organic protein powder
    (Whey or Vegan)
  • Delicious Shake Recipes
  • Weekly Fitness Tips
  • Weekly Diet Motivation