Plan for a Healthy Weekend!

The weekend can present a challenge to our health and wellness goals.  Why?  Well, during the week, we tend to follow a schedule and plan ahead.  We rise at the same time, eat at the same time, work at the same time… you get the picture?  We are consistent with our habits.  During the weekend, without a set schedule and more opportunities for temptation, it seems though all bets are off.  One weekend can easily undo a whole week of healthy habits.

So, how do you prevent damaging an entire week’s effort?   Try incorporating these tips to help you stay healthy and on track!

  1. Keep to your eating schedule. It doesn’t make sense to eat differently on the weekend. However, you may find yourself out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  In order to maintain the same energy levels, keep choices similar to those made during the week with an emphasis on consuming lean proteins.  Those choices will keep you fueled and energized!  Avoid skipping meals and overindulging in larger ones.
  1. Enjoy outdoor activities. After a long work week, usually indoors during daylight hours, the weekend allows us the opportunity to get outside, take in some sun and enjoy nature. There are plenty of studies that show that people are in better spirits when they spend time outdoors.  And, show me one blood test result that does not indicate that we can all use some extra Vitamin D!
  1. Get extra rest and recuperation. Whether busy with work, errands, children or chores, the weekdays present a tumultuous schedule and unwanted deadlines. Most of us are challenged when it comes time to finding time to relax.  Take as much of the weekend as possible to schedule downtime.  Meet with your friends, enjoy your hobby, watch a movie or two, or simply meditate.  Find your “calm” and enjoy every second of it!
  1. Avoid excessive alcohol. Most of us skip the alcohol during the week as it just does not coincide with our schedules. During the weekend however, we all typically “let loose” a little bit.  Let’s keep in mind that calories in beverages, particularly alcoholic ones can pile up quickly!  Keep alcohol and other sweetened beverages at bay.  That doesn’t mean that you should not “enjoy” yourself, it means that you should be conscious of your intake.
  1. Plan for the upcoming week. Take an hour or two at some point to plan the week ahead. Make sure that plan includes: your work schedule, gym time, and meal planning.  Pack your gym bag, order your meals, review your work week, after all the saying goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” let’s take it a step further, “Plan your work, and then work your plan”.  There is no better way to ensure a productive and effective week than by planning to make it a success!

Follow these tips to help you remain in good health this weekend and revisit it when necessary!

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