It’s the second-best time of year to lose weight!
Sep 10, 2018

We know, we know… It’s not New Year’s Resolution time! But it is the second most popular time of year for weight-loss! Why you may ask? Check out Chef Carlo’s[...]

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Staying Healthy for Back-to-School!
Aug 29, 2018

It’s that time of the year again! We hope everyone has had an awesome summer, but now it’s time to start thinking about getting back in the game! Businesses are[...]

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Who can you really trust with your meal prep needs? Why you should #EatElite.
Aug 02, 2018

Are you trusting just anyone with handling your food? Well, then you’re already doing it wrong. How do you know what kinds of produce they use, or where they’re getting[...]

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Tips for Staying Healthy This Summer
Jul 23, 2018

It’s going to be a hot one this year! Summer is underway and that means barbeques, beach days, and heat waves! Everyone loves to enjoy outdoor activities when the weather[...]

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Order From Elite Lifestyle Cuisine Today
Mar 26, 2018

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine aims to be your number one New York meal delivery service, delivering fresh and delicious meals right to you, ready to be eaten in just a matter[...]

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Avoid Sugar With Elite Lifestyle Cuisine
Mar 06, 2018

Have a Sweet Tooth?? So, you love sugar?  You may want to think deeply before indulging.  I have some tips that can elongate your life and help prevent some common[...]

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Reasons Why You Should Order From Elite Lifestyle Cuisine
Feb 27, 2018

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine understands how busy your daily life can be. From putting in extra hours at work to not always having time to stop and enjoy a meal, many[...]

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5 Great Weight Loss Tips
Feb 27, 2018

By: Carlo Filippone 1. Understand why you are trying to lose weight- I have yet to meet a successful person who has accomplished their weight loss goals simply based on[...]

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How Meal Delivery Plans Can Make Your Life Easier
Feb 08, 2018

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine delivers fresh and healthy meals right to your doorstep. Using only the freshest ingredients, our chef-prepared meals are healthy, delicious and made from all natural ingredients. Elite[...]

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Why an ELC Subscription is a Great Gift!
Dec 06, 2017

Gift giving is stressful for even the most organized. Presents are needed for grandparents, parents, in-laws, significant others, friends… the list goes on and on. Consider a solution that’s both[...]

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