How to Choose Supplements

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How to Choose Supplements

Have you ever wondered whether there is truly a difference between all-natural supplements and standard over-the-counter supplements?  And what that difference may be?

Though the differences are many, the most significant difference is that natural supplements are derived from food-based sources.  Because they are derived from food, your body naturally understands what to do with them.  The end result is better absorption of the nutrition that they contain. Additionally, your body does not have to fight and sort through artificial ingredients that typical over-the-counter supplements contain.

There are generally three grades used to differentiate supplement potency, purity, and reliability. They are: Pharmaceutical Grade- meets pharmaceutical standards. Human Grade- meets standards set for human consumption. Feed Grade- meets standards set for animal consumption.

The majority of over-the-counter supplements sold by major chain retailers and online supplement companies fall into the Human Grade category. However, these supplements generally lack product label verification and are loaded with artificial ingredients, including: fillers, dyes, artificial sweeteners and heavy metals, making them unsafe for consumption. Additionally, they have not conducted any third-party testing; proven any label claims or patented any ingredients.

When choosing supplements, follow the same thought process you would when choosing heathy food options… Seek those that contain as few ingredients as possible. Elite Lifestyle Cuisine’s Forever Multi is a multiple vitamin that contains a whole food complex.  A vitamin and mineral derived from real whole foods speaks volumes to its credibility and quality. Make certain that you are able to pronounce the ingredients and are familiar with them.  If you do not recognize an ingredient, be sure to research it.  Also, look for supplements that are not only pharmaceutical grade; but are produced in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. This organization guarantees products for potency, quality, and purity.

Ultimately, there are lots of options when it comes to supplements.  Making a good choice could be frustrating and tricky.  Make a conscious decision to read the labels to ensure that they are produced by a reputable company and have verified label claims. Ensure that they are derived from whole food sources, free of chemicals and additives.  A little research can go a very long way.  Better quality products produce better results.