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2 Meals Per Day

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Brett McIlveen
In July of 2012, while experiencing the stressors of the financial industry, my body began to take a turn for the worse. For some time I had begun to experience an uncomfortable feeling within my body. Sure enough, I wound up experiencing a seizure. Over the next six weeks five more would follow. The episodes would cause weight loss, typically 3-5 pounds, leaving me drained. It took several days to regain my strength. All told, I had lost 25 pounds, all of my strength and plenty of muscle. I contacted Carlo, explained to him my situation and my desire to get back to good physical health. Carlo understood my condition and explained that I needed to eat frequently to stabilize my blood sugar levels. He followed by constructing a game plan for me to eat seven meals per day, approximately three hours apart. Typically, it would be a challenge to follow that type of protocol as I do not have time to prepare my food. However, Carlo explained that if I had two minutes to use a microwave, I would have time to follow the protocol. Needless to say, I ordered his Staple Menu Items along with some of his prepared entrees. Six months later I had gained 20 pounds back, restored my strength and actually lost body fat. My episodes became less frequent, but when they appeared, Carlo was right there by my side to adjust my meal selection and help me get back on track. There are many companies out there, none of them however show compassion for their food and for their clients like Carlo does. Whether you are an athlete or everyday professional, everyone is treated like they are the only client. His food is priced efficiently, he uses healthy ingredients, no preservatives and they are extremely convenient. Thank you Carlo for all your sacrifice, passion and attention!
Brett McIlveen- District Manager of Retirement Services, ADP
Michael Elayan
Becoming a member of the Elite Lifestyle Cuisine food club has impacted my life in a very positive way. Being a husband, father and business owner, it is very difficult to find the time to prepare my meals in advance. The food is absolutely delicious and the number of different varieties ensures that I’ll never get sick of any specific dish. Beyond just looking good, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!
Michael Elayan- President, Elayan Construction Services