Mid-Year Resolutions — Top Three Tips to Triumph!

We always concentrate on being better people right at the beginning of the year. What about now?

In January, we all promise to become better humans.  We’re going to stop drinking, eating sugar, and carbs.

Of course, when January 1st rolls around we are fresh from the indulgences of the holidays. The turkey and stuffing has helped create a new, fresh layer of padding around our thighs and delicious wine has softened our angles.  Yes, we’re finally sick of celebrating and are ready to nail down our “diets” and change our lives.

By February, we’ve already become a bit “bored” of the so-called diet. Bored of vegetables. Bored of not consuming alcohol. It all goes out of the window and normal practices resume.

In March, April and May we became more conscious of our eating habits as the summer is just weeks away. We  monitor our eating habits once again and perhaps tighten up our diets.

As June approached we worked dilligently on making progress.  Finally, the weather we had been waiting for arrived, so to has the second half of the year.  Many of us now find ourselves lacking focus.  The “resolution” list we made in January is now but a distant memory!  So why not regroup and give ourselves a new list for the next six months?  Why should all of the hard work only be undertaken during the first half of the year?

Here are our top 3 suggestions for successful Mid-Year Resolutions!

  • Evaluate your progress–  Analyze whether you have met your goals.  If not, how close are you to attaining those goals?  Make certain to assess honestly, remember that any progress made is great!
  • Re-set your goals–  Whether you have attained great or moderate success, remained the same, or regressed; it is a great time to re-set your goals!  Do not let the calendar get the best of you.  Everyday is the right day to get started!
  • Stop Dwelling–  Do not dwell on the lack of success.  There is not little you can do to change it, there is A LOT you can do, and it begins today!

There is a lot of time left in 2016, more than enough to re-group and succeed.  Remember, what you do today puts you in a better place to succeed tomorrow.  Let’s finish strong!

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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