It’s the second-best time of year to lose weight!

We know, we know… It’s not New Year’s Resolution time! But it is the second most popular time of year for weight-loss! Why you may ask? Check out Chef Carlo’s top three reasons below.

1. After long-summer, most people have regained the weight they have lost to be “summer ready”. Let’s face it, warm weather, crystal blue pool water, lakes and beaches make everyone want to indulge…. And it’s usually with a cold “drink” and some type finger food.

2. Reality sets back in! The long days are about to end. It will get dark earlier and the longer nights make it much easier to keep a solid eating structure in place.

3.      It’s now time to get “holiday ready”. Yep, you read it correctly… What’s left of the year after the summer? HOLIDAYS! And those are right around the corner. Most people realize this and get their proper-eating habits kick-started in order to then indulge come November/December. Okay… maybe indulge may be putting it lightly, but you get the picture!

The bottom line is that now is a great time to re-start your healthy eating. Most Americans know it, do you?

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