Super Bowl Champion, New York Giant & NFL’s Fittest Man
Steve Weatherford[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″]After trying at least a dozen other diet food delivery companies, I was fortunate to learn about Elite Lifestyle Cuisine. I was then able to bypass the Giants Nutrition Table and use Elite Lifestyle Cuisine’s prepared meals. These meals are calibrated and provided me with exactly the nutrients I needed to keep myself fueled and keep me going while I was out on that field! They consist of lean portions of meats and veggies, ranging from spinach and meatballs to salmon and tomato salad. Today, I consider myself a very proud partner in this great company!
Erica D.
[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″] My decision to try Elite Lifestyle Cuisine was three-fold: I’d rather be doing anything but cooking, my work schedule leaves me little time to prepare meals without cutting into much needed downtime, and more importantly, I wanted to lose weight and change my diet by eating more healthy, portion controlled meals that taste homemade. This food service has not only met those needs, but surpassed my expectations in terms of quality, freshness and cost. I have replaced the time I’d spend cooking with going to the gym after work, I have a variety of choices in meals that I can change or add to whenever I want and the convenience of home delivery is worth the price of subscribing. What impresses me most about Elite Lifestyle Cuisine is their excellent customer service. Any questions I had regarding signing up for automatic payments and shipment, and updates to my order were answered by a friendly, reliable and accommodating representative. I’m not put on hold if I call in and my emails are answered within a reasonable amount of time. This is a company I would recommend to anyone with a busy schedule who does not want to compromise on quality of food, service and is ready to live a healthy life.
District Manager of Retirement Services, ADP
Brett McIlveen[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″]In July of 2012, while experiencing the stressors of the financial industry, my body began to take a turn for the worse. For some time I had begun to experience an uncomfortable feeling within my body. Sure enough, I wound up experiencing a seizure. Over the next six weeks five more would follow. The episodes would cause weight loss, typically 3-5 pounds, leaving me drained. It took several days to regain my strength. All told, I had lost 25 pounds, all of my strength and plenty of muscle. I contacted Carlo, explained to him my situation and my desire to get back to good physical health. Carlo understood my condition and explained that I needed to eat frequently to stabilize my blood sugar levels. He followed by constructing a game plan for me to eat seven meals per day, approximately three hours apart. Typically, it would be a challenge to follow that type of protocol as I do not have time to prepare my food. However, Carlo explained that if I had two minutes to use a microwave, I would have time to follow the protocol. Needless to say, I ordered his Staple Menu Items along with some of his prepared entrees. Six months later I had gained 20 pounds back, restored my strength and actually lost body fat. My episodes became less frequent, but when they appeared, Carlo was right there by my side to adjust my meal selection and help me get back on track. There are many companies out there, none of them however show compassion for their food and for their clients like Carlo does. Whether you are an athlete or everyday professional, everyone is treated like they are the only client. His food is priced efficiently, he uses healthy ingredients, no preservatives and they are extremely convenient. Thank you Carlo for all your sacrifice, passion and attention!
Andrea “Sunshine” Butler[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″]I can’t believe my transformation over the last 6 months. I’ve been working towards 199 for YEARS, and I’ve never been in as good of shape or felt better than I do now. Six months ago I started eating Elite Lifestyle Cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also take their multi vitamin daily and use their shakes and juices. I was recently chosen to represent the company as a sponsored athlete, which is something I’m unbelievably proud of as I’ve spent most the last 20 years of my life between 330-391 pounds. I also exercise 6 days a week for at least an hour, but if I didn’t have control of my diet and nutrition, I would never have molded these results. You’ve heard it before – you cannot out exercise a poor diet. So proud of how hard I’ve worked over the last 6 months, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be 6 months from now! Thank you Carlo and Elite Lifestyle Cuisine, you’ve helped me change and SAVE my life.
Special Education Teacher/Fitness Model
Coryn Martin[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″] The biggest challenge I had when I first started training was overcoming a poor diet. Throughout college, I would eat fast food and snack on junk food frequently. Those bad eating habits continued as I began training and basically negated all of my hard work in the gym.
Once I educated myself and changed up my lifestyle, I began to notice improvements with my body, strength, health, and energy levels. Incorporating Elite Lifestyle Cuisine made it that much easier! Their menu is filled with great choices and the meals are ultra-convenient- perfect for my busy professional and active fitness lifestyle
President, Elayan Construction Services
mike and daughter
Michael Elayan[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″]Becoming a member of the Elite Lifestyle Cuisine food club has impacted my life in a very positive way. Being a husband, father and business owner, it is very difficult to find the time to prepare my meals in advance. The food is absolutely delicious and the number of different varieties ensures that I’ll never get sick of any specific dish. Beyond just looking good, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!
President, Active Chiropractic Care
dr. ackerman
Dr. David Ackerman[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″]I have been a client of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine for almost a year now. Being a busy health professional myself, it is extremely hard to “practice what you preach”. Elite Cuisine has been one of the most KEY decisions I have made in the past 5 years for my overall health and wellness.
Not only has my physical health improved, my mental health and professional health has improved as well. It has allowed me to fuel my body on a regular basis giving me the nutrients needed to power through the long days.
Having the confidence that the food will be there when I need it and saving the hours in the kitchen between cooking and cleaning has been a savior. Not to mention all the time and energy saved not having to go food shopping!
Carlo and his team are EXTREMELY professional and their product is TOP NOTCH! They always make sure your order is processed correct and that you are 100% satisfied.
Above all, the food is delicious! The chicken is so good that I just ordered more to put in my salads.
Thank you Carlo and Elite Lifestyle Cuisine for helping me take my health and business to the next level!
Yours in Health,
Dr. Ackerman
Arielle H.
Educator, NYC School System[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″] I have been a customer of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine for the past two years, and it has drastically changed my life.  As a single professional in New York City, I am far too busy to cook meals for myself.  I found myself relying on delivery services like Seamless, which caters to delivering unhealthy options straight to your door.  With help from ELC, I don’t have to think about ordering food or making a healthy choice, because that has already been done for me.  Best of all, the food consistently tastes amazing.  I look forward to my meals everyday, have lost weight (and kept it off), and will most certainly continue ordering from ELC.  For anyone living a New York City lifestyle, this is a no brainer.
Jason Herman
Frederick, MD[st_divider divider_type=”border” height=”” margin_top=”-30″ margin_bottom=”20″] I’ve lost 17 pounds in 16 days since starting my Elite Lifestyle Cuisine journey! With 66 pounds in total to lose, the first 25% have come off easier than I ever imagined! I’m never hungry, and feel healthier than ever. It’s great to know I can eat delicious, satisfying foods every day with variety AND great ingredients. Elite takes the guesswork out of eating (a great thing for us lifetime larger folks), and I know that it will be just a matter of time before I actually ENJOY my way to the body I want! Elite is perfect for me on the road OR at home, and is giving me a great education in portion size AND food choice. Thank goodness my friend Lou referred me, or I’d still be fighting my way through one fad diet after another. Goal weight here I come!